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Boom Swagger is more than just the four walls of our Missoula based salon. We’ve gone mobile. BoomSwagger offers on-site services for weddings and events, bringing our dedicated team straight to you. Our on-site services help you look and feel your best for your big day or special event, without having to travel to the salon in advance. We’d love to hear more about your wedding and event needs, helping to ensure our creativity, passion, and talent can be customized to fit your vision. Our goal is to have a team of talented professionals on-site, helping make your event a success. Bring a little bit of swagger to your event by contacting the salon directly for pricing and quotes.

Hair Styling


Formal Style - $150

(Includes Full Up or Partially Up)

Heat Styling - $90

(Typically ironwork, hair all down)

Flower Girl/Jr. Attendants - $60

(Under 8 years old)

Bridal Makeup


Formal Make Up - $80

(includes false lash application if desired)

Formal Make-Up w/ Hair Services - $70

Just Eyes - $45



Mileage: $2.50 per mile to and from the on-site location
(example: 50 miles to and from salon to site = $250.00)
Lodging: $150 lodging stipend, stylist responsible for securing lodging
All weddings exceeding 100 miles travel (one way) and/or requiring a start time earlier than 10 am will incur a lodging stipend, at the discretion of the stylist

**To book any trial runs for hair or make-up applications please contact the salon directly**

**Trial runs not included in on-site pricing, payment will be due directly to the salon**

**Prices are non-negotiable and set at the time of Bridal Party Reservation.**

**Any Wedding Party exceeding 6 hair and make-up applications will incur an additional stylist fee of $300, any wedding party exceeding 12 hair and make-up application will incur an additional 2 stylists fee of $600**

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